The BlueBox Studio is a full service architectural firm that was established by Michal Sedlacek on Monday June 19, 2006.

After working for 16 years for large and small architectural firms on both the East and West coasts (New York and Los Angeles) and also in Europe I have realized that the only way to achieve the goals that I aspired to since finishing the school of architecture was to start my own studio.

To BlueBox Studio I am bringing experience ranging from large and complex international projects through architectural landmark buildings recognized by the general public, to local Los Angeles projects. I have dealt with all aspects of the design and construction process including design, contact with clients, contract negotiations, building permits, construction documents, the bidding process, and last but not least construction administration.

This experience and the size of the firm are a great combination. This combination assures that the BlueBox Studio will bring focus, experience, professionalism and passion to projects of all sizes and budgets and will engage in a collaborative process with all clients to ensure that all projects are completed successfully.

The BlueBox Studio does not have a preference in a particular type of client or architecture; the goal of the BlueBox Studio is to achieve the best design for each project client, project type, budget and site.