Development of an image website design for the Sess modeling agency
Sess is a modeling agency in the USA, engaged in the selection and training of models for advertising products of famous world brands since 1992. He has his own school, regularly participates in serious screenings and competitions.

In the design of the main page, it was decided to move away from stereotypes and not use large images of girls in principle. The emphasis is on the essence of what the agency can offer — and this is expressed in words. Small horizontal photo-insets act as design elements complementing the text. They create a kind of intrigue, since they show only parts of faces — eyes, lips, but at the same time make it clear that girls of different races are represented among the models.

The idea of using non-standard photo angles and/or large images of individual parts of the face develops further on other pages of the site. The specific arrangement of semantic blocks on the page evokes associations with a fashion magazine or booklet.
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